Mini Vacuum Packer


Long Type Vacuum Packer

Product Feature

The vacuum packing is designed to keep foods fresh and preserve them hygienically. For meat, vacuum packing can maintain freshness of meat, prolong the shelf life (chilled storage hours), prevent weight loss by blocking moisture evaporation, suppress acidification of fat and growth of microorganism, help meat well-aged and preserve its original taste and flavor. It also extends the freshness and shelf life of vegetables and various types of foods, and prevents various types of industrial and electronic parts from getting corroded and dirty.

It can be used to use several products by arranging
to according to their sizes.
Long product can also be vacuum packaged.



Used Sample



Chamber size 815(W) x 420(L) x 165(H)
Machine size 860(W) x 545(L) x 940(H)
Machine Weight 86Kg
Sealing 800mm/1ea(single)
Pump capacity 30㎥/h