Multiple Food Cutter



Product Feature

AFES Multiple food cutter is designed for fast, simple and massive cooking
in a short time. Specially public restaurants or cafeteria etc. require a lot of
time and labor by hand in cooking enormous spice and vegetables.
It can be solved by this machine.

< FOOD CUTTER Manual >

1) Put amount of vegetables needed into the container.
( Don't put too much vegetables into it )
2) Put the lid on it. turn on the power switch.
3) When it cuts vegetable in proper size, turn off the switch.
4) After the blade stops completely, open it and take the
vegetables out
( Watch out the blade when you take them out. )
5) After using, clean the container.

2. Caution
1) You should use it on the even place.
2) You should use it on the clean place without moist, water.
3) Before using, you should check if it screwed up.
4) When it operating, don't touch inside of the container.
5) you should put too big an object into the container.
( Putting a big object into it cause overflows and disorder. )
6) When using it take off the pushing cover.
( If you don't take off the pushing cover, contents overflow )
7) When you change the blade unscrew wing nut and
be careful the sharp blade.
8) Don't turn it on when its cover is up.
( If the blade spins, it is dangerous. )

3. Capacity
ASF - 100 amount of onions inserted : 3kg
(30 seconds to one minute)

ASF - 200 amount of onions inserted : 3kg
(20 seconds to 40 seconds)


Dimension (L×W× H) 795 x 505 x 425(mm)
Voltage AC 220V / 110V
Capacity 10L
Weight 36Kg
Bowl rpm 28rpm
Knife rpm 1750rpm