Automatic vegetable cutter


ASRC - 80

Product Feature

* This product enables users to cut a great deal of cabbages in short
time and to adjust the thickness of cabbages.
* Never touch the product or add some cabbages while it is working.
* Never turn the power on when the container is disassembled because
knives are exposed

<< How to use partitions for cutting onions >>

* The maximum diameter of onions to be used is 110 mm for the ASRC 80 model.
* The diameter of onions to be used is 100mm and 90mm for ASRC70 model.
* In ASRC 70 case, it has a different diameter partitions in the container.
* Onions can be cut after completely peeled.
* Before operation, install all partitions in the container. If a partition is installed
only on one side, it can cause vibration due to imbalance.




Dimension (L×W× H) 485 × 485 × 600H(mm)
Power Consumption 330W
Machine weight 30kg
Power Single phase 220V/60Hz
Capability About 25cabbages/h
Container Hole 240 * 150 * 200H 3EA
Thickness control 0.5~8mm