Semi-auto Type



Product Feature

Tray sealing machine is convenient tool that seals with film over the vessel included various kinds of foods. Mainly, the material of vessel and film are configurated PET / PE / PP / PS. Foods sealed with using these materials in this machine will be easy delivered, maintain freshness and kept clean than other packaging tools. It can also be used in microwave ovens.

PS2 suitable for shop & restaurant by simple designAlso can be used by~230 x 190mm tray, Semi-Auto Sealing Machine is classified by size of tray and intended use.(Tested for 300,000 continuous cycles without a break)

Usage : Shop, Restaurant, Take-out shop ,Factory




Length 490mm
Width 340mm
Height 450mm
Weight 29kg
Work Cycle 6~7ea/min(Daily average 2,880 production and packaging available, 8hours)
Max Mold(Vessel) Size ~230 x 190mm
Power 220V, 60Hz,600W
Motor Gear head used,60Hz,1500r/m /Triac-semi-permanent life
Sealing Type Com compression-->Auto type
Vessel Insertion Sliding type-->Vessel IN/OUT(Manual)
Temp control Contactless(SSR, electronic type),-Semi-permanent life(Static Switch)