New M1

Product Feature

Tray sealing machine is convenient tool that seals with film over the vessel included various kinds of foods. Mainly, the material of vessel and film are configurated PET / PE / PP / PS / eco-biodegradable item. Foods sealed with using these materials in this machine will be easy delivered, maintain freshness and kept clean than other packaging tools. It can be also used in microwave ovens.

New M1 created for restaurant & food supply vendor for small amount.
Also it can be sealed any sized tray within Max sized 230x190mm.
And it is allowed sealing any sized containers due to customized sealing frame.
The contents of tray is kept safe at 110℃ after sealing and at 100℃ in microwave and oven.

Usage : Shop, Restaurant, Take-out, Delivery etc



Used Sample

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Meterial Aluminium, Metal, Plastic
Dimension 250 X 460 X 205mm (Open Height 590mm)
Weight 11.7 Kg
Power 220V / 600 W
Sealing Capacity 7~8 / min
Max Sealing Size 230(L) X 190(W) mm