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Product Feature

Ice Shaver & Crushing Machine for ice flakes with syrup, ice with wine

AFES ice shaver and crusher are designed with a smart appearance and convenient structure.
Since the required volume of cocktail ice are input in making red bean sherbet, it is very sanitary and economical. When its lid is open in operating it, it stops automatically.

* Usage Restaurants, Bakeries, Cafés, Hotels, Sushi Bars etc.

Operation Manual

1. Plug in when power switch is off
2. Close lid after putting proper amount of ice cubes into inlet
3. Turn on the power switch on the right side
(start motor operation)
4. Adjust the thickness of ice using blade control handle

A. When starting operation, make sure to
close lid before turning on the power
B. Add ice cubes when machine stops
C. Put ice cubes to 1 cm below red cover
inside lid
D. Evenly place ice cubes inside of inlet
(If ice cubes lean to one side,
this can cause machine vibration)
5. When the slicing lever is turned to the left, ice cubes are sliced.
When it is turned to the right, ice slicing stops and ice crushing
starts. (Slicing and crushing is applied to ASCS-35)

Used Sample

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Used Sample



Dimensions(W x L x H) 305 x 400 x 495mm
Power Consumption 230W
Power Supply 110/220V 50/60Hz/1 Pahase
Weight 19kg
Ice Grinding Capacity 1.5/1.8kg/Min
Quantity of Ice Inlet(25*25mm) 65ea