Compact Table top HS40

Product Feature

Compact Table top Skin Packaging Tray Sealing Machine HS40

Automatically Double Packaging (Skin + Tray Sealing)

* Skin packaging and tray sealing
* Skin packaging
* Tray sealing

It can be used directly as only single-phase (220V) voltage plug-in without the need for a compressor. - Maximize convenience.

* Various types of vessel and containers are well adapted for sealing.
* Easy cutting on various types of containers through the customized frame and heater sets exchange.
* Easy selection various types of functions and can be identify displayed error information through touch screen LCD.
*All of ordinary containers and or skin-only can be sealed in.



Used Sample

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  • 제품이미지
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Used Sample



Dimension (mm) 500(W) X 450(L) X 1500(H)
Weights (kg) 45 kg
Max tray size (mm) 230(L) X 190(W)
Display 4.3 inch touch screen
Output 4~6 ea/min
Power Consumption 220V, 820W
Material Aluminum frame